For Klein, it’s all about personal gain!

Every single day – with Trump and Pence chomping at the bit to overturn Roe – Jeff Klein puts his own interests first, blocking all reproductive health legislation. Over the next months, in preparation for the upcoming April, June, September & November elections, we will be reminding you of the Truth about the candidates and their actual actions – all  … Read more

Congratulations to all of us!

Tuesday, Nov 7th turned out to be a great day, indeed! In the weeks and months leading up to Election Day, we managed to get our bright yellow ProChoice voting guide into the hands of our 80,000+ pro-choice voters here in Westchester. We made tens of thousands of telephone calls- and then we flyer-ed cars and  … Read more

Tuesday Nov. 7th – Now We Vote!

V-O-T-E! Tuesday, November 7, 2017 Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Click Here to find where you vote! Westchester Board of Elections Link This will be a very close election, & your vote could make the difference between winning & losing! Take your ProChoice Voting Guide to the Polls with you! CLICK  … Read more

Is Rob Astorino as much of a “Teflon Don” as the Donald?

What We Know: Astorino’s “no-tax-levy increase budgets” is FALSE. The combined Westchester County sewer & refuse taxes have risen from $2.1 million to $146 million, under Astorino between 2011-2016. The impact on homeowners depends on location. Sewer levy increases in Blind Brook: ­ 56%, New Rochelle: ­ 50%, Eastchester: ­ 19%,   Rye: ­ 25%, Ossining:  … Read more

Are Trump’s Anti-Labor Pro-Special Interest Values YOUR Values??

If your answer is “NO”, then you can NOT vote for Rob Astorino Why DOESN’T Astorino oppose the NYS Constitutional Convention (Con Con)? Maybe because Astorino opposes labor & supports special interests, like Mercer. His opponent George Latimer is clear. George Latimer OPPOSES the Con Con! Latimer believes the Con Con is a waste of  … Read more

Elections Have Consequences

This week women took a triple-hit. 1.Today, Donald Trump issued two new rules which allow employers to deny women copay-free birth control. 2. The US House of Representatives passed a 20-week abortion ban. What that means. 3. The Iowa Supreme Court upheld a 72-hour waiting period. But why is anyone surprised? Elections have consequences. I’m  … Read more

Help us Get Out the Vote

Our Yellow Pro-Choice Voting Guide reaches over 80,0000 households in Westchester County. Voters in our database have been identified as being pro-choice and are willing to cross party lines to vote for pro-choice candidates. Although our voting guide is distributed on our website and via email, we know that mailed voting guides make a difference,  … Read more

Endorsements 2017!

Supreme Court Justice 9TH Judicial District Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess and Orange Counties CHRISTI ACKER Westchester County Court GEORGE E FUFIDIO JR Westchester Family Court ARLENE  GORDON-OLIVER Westchester County Executive GEORGE S LATIMER  Westchester County Clerk TIMOTHY C IDONI *       WESTCHESTER COUNTY LEGISLATURE District 1 Peekskill, Buchanan, parts of Yorktown and Cortlandt NANCY  … Read more

Hate Right Here in Westchester

– What we feared is indeed the new reality – This White House is in the hands of anti-Semitic misogynistic white supremacists. Dear Pro-Choice Voters, Donald Trump and his closest advisers have turned the clock back to a time where discrimination and hate were an accepted, common trait of American life. They began before the General Election with  … Read more

Where Will Our Women Go?

by Nicky Brussel Faria Reproductive freedom in the United States has been under siege for years. Since November, state governments have been passing abortion restrictions at a record speed. Every new regulation passed further limits what was once a recognized Constitutional right – the right for every woman to be able to have a safe, legal  … Read more