Resist – Day of Action – Thurs. July 13th

Join Us  Thursday, July 13th, for knocking on doors and canvasing in Ossining!  Meet up at  5 p.m. First Village Coffee 123 Main Street (across from the Post Office) Ossining, NY 10562 RSVP to We are targeting all 8 IDC* districts beginning with NYS Senate District #38, David Carlucci’s district. Why start with Carlucci’s  … Read more

The IDC* Mantra: When all else fails, LIE

Clearly Choice Matters’ expose of the IDC’s anti-choice actions as well as their tactics of obstruction of all progressive legislation is taking its toll.  They just sent out a mailing  implying that their 8 rogue members were endorsed by Planned Parenthood — NOT! The truth is: 1. Planned Parenthood had nothing to do with the  … Read more

Schneiderman: an AG for Women!

Eric Schneiderman, New York’s Attorney General, has once again shown he gets it! “It” in this instance is women’s right to privacy which includes accessing reproductive healthcare safely. On June 20th,  New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman introduced a lawsuit to “protect women from abuse and intimidation outside of a reproductive health clinic in Queens.”  … Read more

Astorino on Abortion

When Astorino decided to run for the office of Governor in New York State, in 2014,  he altered his position on abortion from opposing it under any condition to  opposing abortion, except for rape, incest & maternal life. Astorino, in his capacity as a Westchester County Executive, hasn’t had many chances to take action on  … Read more

IDC Votes “NO” to Planned Parenthood Funding

On April 4, 2017, NYS Senator Persaud introduced an amendment to the NYS budget that proposed emergency funding for Planned Parenthood if and when the federal government cut funding to the organization. In her comments, Senator Persaud detailed the need for the services and the people who rely on them. All 8 IDC members voted  … Read more

Your actions did this!

BECAUSE OF YOUR PHONE CALLS, All of the IDC members are now co-sponsors of the Reproductive Health Act. (All because of You!) BUT they are still blocking Us!  THE IDC MEMBERS insist on governing with the Party of Trump, the Republican Party. NOT UNTIL they return to the Democratic Caucus (the one to which their constituents elected them & the  … Read more

Buy This, Not That!

Round #1: Retail By Liza Lederer One of the most challenging aspects of resisting oppressive regimes is working to ensure that your dollars aren’t fueling the powers you’re trying to resist.   In a capitalist country, where the dollar often speaks loudest, it’s imperative that we spend our money with businesses that do not support –  … Read more

Will New York State be a Beacon for Women?

This time we are living in is much like a game of Three Card Monty. It is easy to be distracted. While we focus our attention on Trump, we are taking our eyes off of Albany. Right now, 8 rogue Democrats who are more concerned with personal power than party and principle, have aligned themselves with  … Read more

Make NYS a Reproductive Rights Sanctuary

Today marks the 44th anniversary of the U.S Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade, which recognized that women have a constitutional right to have control over their own bodies. Before Roe was decided on January 22, 1973, women fought for years for the right to have a safe, legal abortion. In Chicago, there was J.A.N.E.,  … Read more