WATCH 2 Anti-Choice Westchester Candidates LIE!


6 a.m. to 9 p.m.
The Election on Tuesday, November 6th,  is 100% about 21st century medical care & abortion rights.


Trumpers Murphy and Killian displayed their true colors AND profound ignorance at LoHud and League of Women Voters sponsored debates, respectively.

Rather than address the real healthcare needs of New York women, Murphy and Killian spewed radical-right propaganda. Their disturbing and irresponsible extremist lies mirror similar false statements made by Donald Trump in one of his debates with Hillary Clinton.










“Murphy makes false claims about Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act & the Reproductive Health Act.”

Watch as the audience lets him know he is 100% WRONG.

Terrence Murphy is running for the New York State Senate in the 40th District. He is endorsed by the extremist group the Right to Life – 9th Judicial District.

We Endorse Pro-Choice PETE HARCKHAM & Ask for YOUR VOTE to Make Pete our Next NYS Senator in the 40th District.

The NYS SD 40 is comprised of parts of Westchester County (Cortlandt, Lewisboro, Mt. Pleasant, City of Mt. Kisco, New Castle, North Salem, City of Peekskill, Pound Ridge, Somers, Yorktown), parts of Dutchess County (Beekman, Pawling) and parts of Putnam County (Carmel, Patterson, Southeast).











Watch Killian – the poster-child candidate for Trump’s anti-women/anti-choice extremist agenda – as she spouts radical-right lies about what she called ‘infanticide.’   Killian does NOT support women. She does NOT support Choice, and her right-wing ideology most definitely does NOT represent the women of New York. Instead,

Julie Killian is running for the statewide office of Lt. Governor on the ticket with anti-choice Marc Molinaro who is endorsed by the extremist group the Right to Life – 9th Judicial District. (Some may remember that Killian ran against Latimer and then Mayer for NYS Senate, and lost.)

We Endorse Pro-Choice Candidates KATHY HOCHUL for Lt. Governor and Andrew Cuomo for Governor! 

*The Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act would require health insurance companies to include coverage of all FDA-approved contraceptive options, as well as contraceptive counseling, and services. This legislation passed the State Assembly by a 103-43 margin.

The Reproductive Health Act updates New York’s abortion laws, which were implemented three years before the Roe v. Wade (Roe) decision by the U.S. Supreme Court. NY law does not presently provide the full constitutional protection that is guaranteed under Roe. Passing the Reproductive Health Act will simply codify the protections guaranteed under Roe into New York State law. This would protect women in New York State in case Trump succeeds in overturning Roe. The Reproductive Health Act