For Klein, it’s all about personal gain!

Every single day – with Trump and Pence chomping at the bit to overturn Roe – Jeff Klein puts his own interests first, blocking all reproductive health legislation.

Over the next months, in preparation for the upcoming April, June, September & November elections, we will be reminding you of the Truth about the candidates and their actual actions – all while those very same candidates are spending thousands on glossy mailers and commercials rewriting their own histories.

Let’s start with Jeff Klein. Remember him, the NYS Senator who claims to represent the 34th SD that is comprised of part of the Bronx & Westchester County (Pelham & part of Mt Vernon).

Jeff Klein is head of the IDC (so-called “Independent Democratic Conference”) — which Klein founded for three purposes: 1. to stop the Democrats from becoming the majority party. from the Democratic Caucus; 2. to make himself one of the four most powerful men in Albany; and 3. to take power away from the rightful Majority Leader, Andrea Stewart Cousins.

It’s all about personal gain for Klein.

With Klein at the helm, the IDC has taken the majority away from the duly elected Democrats and given it to the Party of Trump, the Republicans. The IDC literally stripped the majority away from the Democrats in the Senate by throwing their voting power in with the Republicans — All the while deceiving their own constituents by not telling the voters about their slight-of-hand actions on Election Day, or any other day.

New York State should technically be a trifecta state**. If the electorate had had its way, we could make New York State a Reproductive Rights Sanctuary State.  Right now, New York women do not have the constitutional protection of Roe v Wade. Our right to an abortion is seriously limited.

Every single day – with Trump and Pence chomping at the bit to overturn Roe – Jeff Klein puts his own interests first,  blocking all reproductive health legislation.

Now that election time is here, and people are declaring themselves as candidates to run against Klein and his cohorts, we hear the same garbage we heard in 2014, the last time Klein was challenged. 2014 Quotes:“No need to primary. The IDC intends to re-align with mainline Democrats in the Senate.”  The IDC “reached an agreement to return to the Democratic conference this fall after the November elections, Klein and Governor Andrew Cuomo announced in a release.”

Guess what NEVER happened???
Now Klein and Cuomo are saying the same thing.

Why should anyone believe them now? Remember: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. NOT HAPPENING!

There is one candidate, Alessandra Biaggi, set to Primary Klein, and others lining up to challenge the other 7 IDC traitors. 

Primaries are at the heart of the Democratic process, and essential. If you see some thing wrong, say something & resist & persist until you right the wrong.

And oh, by the way, Jeff Klein is also an accused sexual assaulter. Those of us who are a part of the #MeToo movement and have been the victims of assault and rape find the “alleged” victim’s account and the particular type of details it included totally believable.
Click here to see the names of the 8 IDC members.  Since Klein formed the IDC, with Cuomo’s okay, these fake Dems have aligned themselves with the Republican Party of Trump, and govern with them. They have deliberately turned the duly elected Majority Party, the Democratic Party, into the Minority Party, and have catapulted the Party of Trump, the Republican Party, into the majority. No progressive legislation can come to the floor of the Senate until these 8 return to the Democratic Caucus, or are replaced.

**A trifecta state is one in which one political party holds the governorship, a majority in the state senate, and a majority in the state house in a state’s government. There are 26 Republican trifecta states and 8 Democratic trifecta states, which should have been 9 if not for the IDC. #LegalChoiceMatters