Tuesday Nov. 7th – Now We Vote!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017
Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.
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Westchester Board of Elections Link

This will be a very close election, & your vote could make the difference between winning & losing!

Take your ProChoice Voting Guide to the Polls with you!
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On the back of the Ballot, you will also find three (3) propositions.
+ Proposition One asks whether New York should hold a Constitutional Convention. The NYS Constitution provides that this question must be asked every 20 years.

We stand firmly OPPOSED. We are voting NO to a New York State Constitutional Convention.

It could cause serious damage to our State’s protection of civil rights and liberties, including reproductive rights. It is “rigged” by special interests.
To read more: NY Civil Liberties,  Vote NO or No New York Convention

Please Vote “NO” on Proposition One.

+ Proposition Two would legislate that NY public officials convicted of felonies lose their pensions.

This proposition “would amend the state constitution to allow the complete or partial forfeiture of a public officer’s pension if that official is convicted of a certain type of felony.

If approved, courts would be authorized to reduce or revoke the public pension of a public officer convicted of a felony “that has a direct and actual relationship to the performance of the public officer’s existing duties.””

This is supported by good-government groups and is common sense legislation. We are voting YES!

Please Vote “YES” on Proposition Two.

+ Proposition Three “would establish a “land bank” of up to 250 acres within the Adirondack Forest Preserve. Towns, villages and counties with “no viable alternative” to using forest preserve land for those public projects could make withdrawals of small parcels of needed land. With legislative approval, the state could substitute an additional 250 acres that would be added to the forest preserve to make up for the lost land.” Election 2017: What you need to know about NY’s 3 ballot proposals, syracuse.com

This Proposition is supported by many environmental groups. Read Here: Groups come together in support of Prop #3, adirondackfoundaiton.org

Based upon the assessment of the environmental coalition please Vote “YES” on Proposition Three.