Are Trump’s Anti-Labor Pro-Special Interest Values YOUR Values??

If your answer is “NO”, then you can NOT vote for Rob Astorino

  1. Why DOESN’T Astorino oppose the NYS Constitutional Convention (Con Con)?

    Maybe because Astorino opposes labor & supports special interests, like Mercer.

    His opponent George Latimer is clear. George Latimer OPPOSES the Con Con!

Latimer believes the Con Con is a waste of money & is controlled by special interests!


  1. Astorino has faced three Federal investigations, including one into receiving contributions in exchange for pay-to-play/bought influence. In NY Federal Court, a contributor testified last week that Astorino gave him & a friend County Chaplain positions even though neither was a priest or rabbi, & neither lived in Westchester. This was done IN EXCHANGE for contributions including a Rolex watch. (Thus, a new Astorino’s nickname: Rolex Rob.)
  2. Astorino promotes patronage/from within the family hiring. He hired his mother-in- law’s boyfriend ($93,000 pay) as part of his bodyguard detail.
  1. Astorino vetoed the immigration act here in Westchester, fueling hate & standing by Trump’s war on immigrants.
  1. Astorino is being funded by Trump buddy & part owner of Breitbart, Robert Mercer, to the tune of $1,000,000. Mercer is affiliated with Breitbart’s founder Steve Bannon. Together they provide a platform for the “alt right” a.k.a white supremacists & anti-Semites. Maybe that’s why Astorino sees nothing wrong with the sale of confederate flags & Nazi literature at the gun show he authorized on County-owned property. He claims it’s a freedom of speech issue, BUT would he let us sell books about birth control? We think he would not. Why does he think this hate material fits at a gun show?

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