Is Rob Astorino as much of a “Teflon Don” as the Donald?

What We Know:

  1. Astorino’s “no-tax-levy increase budgets” is FALSE. The combined Westchester County sewer & refuse taxes have risen from $2.1 million to $146 million, under Astorino between 2011-2016. The impact on homeowners depends on location. Sewer levy increases in Blind Brook: ­ 56%, New Rochelle: ­ 50%, Eastchester: ­ 19%,   Rye: ­ 25%, Ossining: ­ 29%, etc. Check your own tax bill & see how much Astorino is costing you.
  2. Astorino has been selling off county assets to balance the budget. Now he wants a form of privatization for the Westchester County Airport to balance the 2017 budget. Because of public opposition, Astorino took $132,000 out of a locked airport capital improvement fund to send a campaign-like mailer to 350,000 households. “The Federal Aviation Administration is looking into the legality of the action.”
  3. Astorino rented office space at 125 Park Avenue, NYC, in 2015, at $45,000 tax payer dollars per year, for “economic development.” There’s no record of how often it was used or for what purpose. No deals are reported to have originated there. Last month, after c&idate George Latimer shined a light on the office rental, Astorino abruptly decided to close it. The owner of 125 Park Ave. donated to Astorino in 2015, a month after the lease started.
  4. Astorino’s outrage over racial & religious hate is FAKE. Astorino is being funded by billionaire Robert Mercer part-owner of Breitbart network that supports white supremacists & Nazi ideology & actions. There is a direct line between Mercer, Breitbart & Astorino’s support of Nazi & Confederate materials being sold at the gun show. 

    *Rob Astorino mocked concerns about Nazi literature & Confederate flags being sold at the Westchester County Gun Show- a gun show that Astorino personally authorized by vetoing legislation prohibiting them on County-owned property. Astorino’s reasoning: 8,000 people attended & it made money so he won’t stop it or the sale of “controversial” literature. His administration dismissed the sale of the hate materials saying they are “historical”.*Westchester has been the target of racial & religious hate graffiti since last November. Astorino’s response was to compare it to anti-Trump demonstrations, just like in Charlottesville where Trump equated violent neo-Nazis with non-violent counter protesters. Astorino declared, “President Obama & Hillary Clinton as well [should] come out & say to their supporters, ‘Calm down’.”(-as though they were responsible for the new surge in violence against people of color, all women, & those of certain religions & ethnicities.)

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