Congratulations to all of us!

Tuesday, Nov 7th turned out to be a great day, indeed!

In the weeks and months leading up to Election Day, we managed to get our bright yellow ProChoice voting guide into the hands of our 80,000+ pro-choice voters here in Westchester. We made tens of thousands of telephone calls- and then we flyer-ed cars and train stations, talking with people everywhere. It all paid off. The key to winning is grassroots organizing. There is nothing more powerful than direct contact.

Our pro-choice candidates were outspent but they had us, and we have you, our pro-choice voters. And you  did what you must do to win – YOU VOTED! You, our pro-choice voters, came out in huge numbers & WE WON.

Our Huge Pro-Choice Wins:
George Latimer – Westchester County Executive
Tim Idoni – Westchester County Clerk

Kitley Covill – County Legislative District #2
Michael Kaplowitz – County Legislative District #4
Ben Boykin II – County Legislative District #5
Nancy Barr – County Legislative District #6
Catherine Parker – County Legislative District #7
Alfreda Williams – County Legislative District #8
Catherine Borgia – County Legislative District #9
Damon Maher – County Legislative District #10
MaryJane Shimsky – County Legislative District #12
Lyndon Williams – County Legislative District #13

Christi Acker – Supreme Court Justice
George Fufidio Jr. – County Court Judge
Arlene Gordon-Oliver – Family Court Judge