Elections Have Consequences

This week women took a triple-hit.

1.Today, Donald Trump issued two new rules which allow employers to deny women copay-free birth control.

2. The US House of Representatives passed a 20-week abortion ban. What that means.

3. The Iowa Supreme Court upheld a 72-hour waiting period.

But why is anyone surprised?

Elections have consequences.

I’m a tough love kind of mom. I tell my kids, “take responsibility for your actions.”

Well, that’s true for the public at large. Our side takes voting for granted.

These actions by the Trump & Co Administration are not a surprise. This is what they promised all along.

The far right succeeds despite its ultra-conservative regressive ideas because they vote – and they made sure their friends, colleagues, and neighbors vote too. The result: an ultra-reactionary President and Congress, and right-wing anti-choice state and local governments, including Westchester’s own.

They succeed because of voter apathy on our side.  Data shows that under Obama, we, the pro-choice majority, became complacent. State and local governments – and even school boards – were taken over.

It is time to say ENOUGH –

If we elect our pro-choice slate here we jump start the 2018 elections!

On Nov. 7th Make Astorino the FORMER County Executive & tell him to take his anti-choice – anti-woman – anti-family – anti-economic diversity policies with him!