You need to hear this

What You Need to Know: 1. Alabama didn’t just happen, and it wasn’t just because of “25 white men.” Those are soundbites. The Governor of Alabama who signed this horrific bill into law is a woman, and there are women in the Alabama Assembly who voted for this – As there are in the other states who  … Read more

FOF in Times Square

May 4th, some of us joined forces with NYC for Abortion Rights at Bryant Park and then with a march to Time Square. We stood up and said, “NO” to the homophobic anti-abortion hate group Focus on the Family. They are here to generate extremist reactions to the Reproductive Health Act, and we are here  … Read more

In Somers!

On May 2nd, the Somers Town Board convened its work session. Some of us were there to  thank the Town Board for refusing to entertain a resolution opposing the Reproductive Health Act that Carmel and the Putnam County Legislature had passed in April. Thank you to the handmaids who came out, representing the chattel from  … Read more

New York is on Fire!

Anti-choice extremists are on a rampage.They are showing up in mobs at town hall meetings, county legislative sessions and in the streets – demanding the passage of a resolution to repeal the Reproductive Health Act. On February 5th & 19th, it was the Yorktown Town Board meeting.On March 6th, it was Carmel & the resolution PASSED.On April 2nd, it  … Read more

Judicial Candidates for Westchester County & Family Courts

Every year, political parties select judicial candidates to run for office. This year, in Westchester, there are 2 seats open on Family Court and 2 on County Court, & on the Supreme Court 9th Judicial District there are 4 seats.  The Democratic party holds its judicial convention for the Family & County Court seats on Tuesday, February 12, 2019.  … Read more

The NYC Public Advocate Candidate with Serious Woman-Problems

VOTENYC Public Advocate ElectionTuesday, February 26, 2019(please share this with your friends who are NYC voters) The NYC Public Advocate’s office may be the first stop for women in NYC who are having trouble accessing their rights under the Reproductive Health Act. WCLA Pac does not usually endorse candidates in NYC for Public Advocate (PA).  … Read more

VOTE NOW! 9:01pm tonight will be too late!

Election Day is NOW! NOT Voting CANNOT be an Option! To protect a Woman’s Right to Control her Own Body,  VOTE for: **Andrew Cuomo/Kathy Hochul for Governor/Lt. Governor **Letitia James for Attorney General **Kirsten Gillibrand for US Senator **For Supreme Court Justice/9th Judicial District >Hal Greenwald >Kathie Davidson >William Giacomo >David Everett >Barry Warhit >Joan Lefkowitz **Sean Patrick Maloney for Congress CD  … Read more

WATCH 2 Anti-Choice Westchester Candidates LIE!

GENERAL ELECTION TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6TH 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. The Election on Tuesday, November 6th,  is 100% about 21st century medical care & abortion rights. WATCH THE VIDEOS BELOW! Trumpers Murphy and Killian displayed their true colors AND profound ignorance at LoHud and League of Women Voters sponsored debates, respectively. Rather than address the real healthcare needs of New York  … Read more