Before you vote: Know the Truth about Anti-Choice Extremist Christine Sculti

The Company You Keep And what it says about a person…  In this age of misinformation, it is sometimes hard to discern fact from fiction but when a candidate provides you with a history of photographs and contribution receipts, believe it! The Republican candidate for Westchester County Executive, Christine Sculti, is a fanatic of the  … Read more

EXPOSING Un-Vaccinated Anti-Choice Candidate knocking on neighbors’ doors!

ALERT Westchester County Legislative District 15 (Yonkers – Bronxville) The CLD 15 Republican candidate ringing doorbells in your neighborhood & shaking hands at events is not vaccinated AND not wearing a mask. Apparently anti-choice anti-vaccination James Nolan only believes in My Body My Choice when it comes to the vaccine & HIS choice. Women’ reproductive healthcare be damned! People are opening their doors  … Read more

Voting Rights on the Ballot in New York!

2024 starts now with the 2021 Elections! Donald Trump held a rally in Iowa yesterday, effectively beginning his 2024 presidential run. And, he’s more popular there than ever: “Donald Trump’s favorability ratings are his highest in any Iowa Poll” —The Des Moines Register, 10/4/21 Just ask the white supremacist group the Proud Boys rallying here in Westchester.  … Read more